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Fabulous Accommodation Athens Central

From the moment you step into the main lobby of Estia boutique apartments in Metaxourgeio you are crossing a threshold to the regions of Greece. All that is left for you to do is choose your accommodation in Athens city center and embark on a journey through the country’s most renowned destinations. Athens has been the inspiration for the ground floor, including the reception, breakfast and bar area as well as the specially designed rooms for guests with disabilities. On the 1st floor you will be mesmerized by the spirit of Crete, by the essence of the Cyclades on the 2nd floor, the grandeur of the Peloponnese on the 3rd floor and the spirit of the Ionian islands on the 4th floor. Choose an accommodation in Athens Central filled with character and style, a themed accommodation unlike any other.


How would you feel about taking your family on an adventure to the mythical land of the minotaur? Hide away in an aristocratic apartment inspired by the idiosyncratic Minoan architecture of Crete? Posing for a photo in front of the windmills of the Cyclades? Finding yourself in the medieval atmosphere of the Peloponnese, or unravel the different cultures and traditions of the Ionian islands while being in the city? Arrange the most exquisite stay at this themed boutique accommodation in Athens, Greece and relieve the myths, the mysteries and legends of each region.


The greatest regions of Greece await for you to discover them at Estia boutique apartments in the city center of Athens. Every region with a past, every room with a heritage and a story to be written, your story! We urge you to make your own memories while cocooning in the stylish environs of this upscale accommodation in Athens central. Relax in a unique setting while enjoying all contemporary amenities and conveniences of a modern home, unwind after a long day in your cosy balcony and dream away while sleeping on the comfort of a Coco-mat mattress.